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How to make Centrifugal pump switch

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First, switch preparation for centrifugal pump
1) check apricot spare pump are in good condition, complete attachment is intact.
2) check the sealing oil line, cooling water pipe was clear.
3) the spare pump filling lubricating oil in accordance with the regulations.
Second, the centrifugal pump switching operation steps
1) open the standby pump suction valve, start the standby pump motor, and check.
2) after the pressure is normal, open the standby pump outlet valve.
3) turn down step by step until fully closed by switching the outlet valve of the pump.
4) stop switch pump, closed by switching the inlet valve of the pump, to pump cooled, closed cooling water and sealing pipe line again.
5) centrifugal hot oil when parking, every half an hour to turning once, until the pump body temperature 100 ℃.The pump stopped for a long time to do a class without turning.
Three, centrifugal pump switching technology requirements
1) the standby pump start preparing work before.
2) slowly turn down by switching the outlet valve of the pump, ensure smooth traffic.
3) after the standby pump is working well, then stop switch is pump.
4) stop using the pump for a long period of time, turning on a regular basis.
Four, common failure analysis and processing
The pump after switching operation instability:
1) find out the reason, do the corresponding processing.
2) no according to the order opening and stop.
3) stop process operating range is too large
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