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How to make the decision about the centrifugal slurry pump price?

How to make the decision about the centrifugal slurry pump price?We will give you some suggestion.

It is always hard for the purchaser to make the decision, in fact, it is not the problem of decision, it is the problem of responsibility. When there is budget in the price, it is easy. When there is special requirement in technical, it is easy but it is do hard to make the decision when it is only normal purchasing with centrifugal slurry pump daily using or the wet end parts for the centrifugal slurry pump…
For every purchaser, not only the boss or the GM pay attention and even there is target to lower the cost maybe 10% every year or ( but I never see it is happen in usual, ok, do have but in fact, mostly it is the boss tell you, come on, we need better one) so, how to find the right price?
1. Never trust the manufacturer, or the supplier long time in the price. They might the right one in all bot never to be only in price. In fact, good manufacturer, good service always means expansive one.
2.Never trust new guy in price. They could tell you any price you hope as they hope to get your PO immediately!
3.Never trust any one in your hand until you need make the decision. In usual, 3 to 5 quotation is necessary when you need buy the pumps for reference before you make the decision especially when you need improve in price.
So, now there is answer for how to make the decision for centrifugal pump price, just comparing and make the decision, very easy, isn’t it?

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