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How to reduce the energe consumption of pump in summer

Surface and water pressure pump volute chamber (also called rough surface corrosion inside). Surface corrosion bump can make water pumps reduces 7-8%, Only when the maintenance with steel brush and iron ore paper or wheel grinding smooth, can make its work when the fuel consumption and reduce 9% - 14%.
Sealing ring clearance. According to the samples, when in impeller radius increased 4 millimeter between direction, pump water will be reduced by 10%, Only when the maintenance with organic adhesive and asbestos line to restore the gap, can make provisions in the oil pump power or 10% - 12%.
Water pressure chamber and the axis of the impeller does not coincide. According to the test, when the water pressure chamber and the axis of the impeller from 2 mm or greater than 2 degrees, landform pump water will reduce 5-6%; When measuring, attentive, need careful find a position of the centre axis loading, can make the oil pump in work or consumption reducing 6-7%.
Leaf installation Angle. When the blade installation Angle, pump water will reduce about 5%. Repair, use, installation Angle is feet, can make solid alignment of oil pump in work or consumption can be reduced by 5% - 6%.
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