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How to reduce the sewage pump noise?

Noise is on the society in recent years have been looking at but how can solve a serious problem, outside, everywhere is filled with noise your eardrum, want to quietly step is not the meeting, to go back to home will be all kinds of noise, sewage pump noise is one of the source. A lot to the environment are installed in the residential area sewage pump, sewage pump noise is big, however, many local residents have to spiritual pollution by the noise of the sewage pump, is often quarrel can't sleep at night, families with children and the old man is more serious. So we need to reduce the pump noise, specific operation condition is divided into the following six steps:

sewage pump

1, each unit should set the base alone, prevent to produce resonance, pump appropriate USES big weight basis, and should set rubber vibration isolation cushion and vibration isolation, so as to reduce the vibration noise;

2, sewage pump suction pipe and outlet pipe should be installed in a flexible rubber joint, in a flexible isolation pipe fittings and so on rubber reducer. General according to each in a flexible rubber joint with 15-20 db insertion loss to estimate the vibration isolation effect of isolation in the number of pipe fittings;

3, should be mounted on the water hammer pressure pipe eliminator;

4, sewage pump room should not be set directly on the Windows of the window well;

5 are connected to the sewage pump, pipe, support should be vibration isolation measures, through the pump room roof or side wall of the pipe should be installed casing, casing and pipeline between filling non-combustible flexible material;

6, reduces the noise, should first choose low speed vertical pump.

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