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How to test centrifugal pump ?

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Generally, there is two method to test centrifugal pump, type test and factory test.

The centrifugal pump test ─ type testing

Includes: running test, performance test and cavitation test and noise vibration test, etc.

(1) Running test

When running test, should check the rise of temperature of the pump bearing and packing, leakage of pump packing in vibration and noise.

(2) Performance test

Performance test is to determine the lift of pump, shaft power, the relationship between the efficiency and flow rate. Centrifugal pump starts from zero flow (at least) is greater than the measured using range is 15% of the maximum flow; Mixed flow pump, axial flow pump and vortex pump starting valve fully open, at least to 15% less than the minimum flow rate measurement. Measuring point should be uniform on the whole curve of centrifugal pump and vortex pump more than 13 points, axial flow pump, mixed-flow pump more than 15 points.

(3) Cavitation test

Cavitation test used to determine the relationship between the critical cavitation allowance and flow.Or used to verify the critical cavitation allowance is less than or equal to the provisions of the pump of the necessary cavitation allowance.

centrifugal pump

The centrifugal pump test ─ factory test

Factory test is used to check whether the performance of a centrifugal pump is suitable before they leave the factory. Factory test of centrifugal pump only commonly work within the scope of the small flow points, traffic, large flow points more than three flow to test and check the pump head and power.

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