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Introduction Of Agricultural Irrigation Pump

Agricultural irrigation pump feature:
1. Warranty: 1500h or one year which comes first
2. Outflow: 93.5CBM/h
3. Head Lift: 44m
4. Diesel engine optional: Cummins, Deutz, Weichai, Shangchai, Yuchai, Weifang Ricardo...

Agricultural irrigation pump Application:
Thisdieselpumpset isforwatertransmission below80 °C.Candidate orotherliquidwithsimiliarphysical,chemicalproperties.
Mainlyappliedforfirefightingsystem,waterplant,buildingwatersupply,irrigationanddrainagepumpingstations,powerplants,industrialwatersystems, shipbuildingindustry, minedrainageandoil, chemical,metallurgicalindustries.

Agricultural irrigation pumpStandard Configuration

Diesel engine 1 set
Water pump 1 set
Control Panel 1 set
Flexible shaft joint 1 set
Foot mounting with fuel tank 1 set
Accessory 1 set
Instruction and manual 1 set
Inlet/Outlet flange, bolt&screws,
bottom valve and filters

Diesel Engine Feature

Model 4B3.9-G2
Power Rated/Standby 24/27KW
Rated speed 1500RPM
Starting method Electric motor, 24V DC
Cooling method Closed water cooling
Speed governor Mechanical or Electronic
Intake method Natural
Cylinders In line 4
Bore/Stroke 102/120mm
Type 4 stroke, direct injection

Pump Feature

Model QI25-100-400A
Outflow 93.5m3/h
Head 44m
Inlet diameter 150mm(6inch)
Outlet diameter 125mm(5inch)
Casing material iron cast
Shaft material iron cast
Impeller material iron cast
Sealing method Stuffing sealing or Mechanical sealing
Type Single grade, single suction,centrifugal

Control Panel
1. Operation function: Start/stop, emergent stop, reset etc.
2. Display function: speed, lube/water temperature, lube pressure etc.
3.Alarm and protection: speed exceeding, temperature high, lube pressure low etc.
4. Accessory optional:Automatic control box, AMF, ATS,Remote control function

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Agricultural Irrigation Pump

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