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Irrigation Pump Factory From China

An Pump Machinery is the irrigation pump factory from China. Our customer in irrigation from all of the world like Africa and South Africa etc.

the irrigation pump factory

The customer in the pictures below is the friend from Peru. They are the farmer owner and all of the water pump and related equipment buy from us. They buy the deep well pump in irrigation, mono block water pump in water supply. They visit our shop and An Pump Team warmly and our engineers team give them professional train in how to use and maintenance of the pumps.

the irrigation pump factory

The pictures showing the customer from Brazil visit us at our shop for their irrigation pump. They are the distributor in pumps and now it is one of our agent in Brazil for the irrigation pump market and supply the after sales service for the irrigation pump we sell.

If you want to know more about other products in our company,such as river sand pump,sea water pump,please contact us.

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