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Irrigation pumping station model selection considerations

1. The common type of vane pump for irrigation pumping station are centrifugal pump, axial and mixed flow pumps three types, in the selection of the appropriate pump depending on the pump type characteristics.
2. How much the capacity of the unit pump, the number of pump units, has a great influence on the pumping station. Under certain preconditions total equipment capacity, the more number of units, the more easily meet the requirements of irrigation and drainage flow in different periods, but higher purchase costs of equipment, civil works and operation and management fee expenses; the number of units is small, for different periods of irrigation flow adaptability and guarantee is poor, and equipment costs, construction costs, operation and management fees will be reduced. Therefore, the choice of pump units, should be in all aspects of the project cost, operation and management, equipment installation, civil construction and other operational merits, be determined after a comprehensive demonstration. When irrigation pumping station the flow is less than 1m3 / s, the number of pump units shall be not less than 2, when the flow is larger than 1m3 / s, it should be not less than 3 sets.
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