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Maintenance of Slurry Pump

1.Adjust (or change) the padding in case slurry leakage of shaft seal is occurred. Regular replacement of shaft sleeve is needed,
2.When replacing the bearing, dust-free and lubricating oil cleaning within bearing assembly must be ensured. Bearing temperature had better be within 60-65℃, not exceeding 75℃,
3.Ensure the coaxiality of electrical machine and pump. Be sure that the elastic cushion in coupler is full and correct. Timely replacement is needed if damage is occurred,
4.Ensure the right and firm installation of pump components and pipeline system;
5.Some of the pump parts are quick-wear parts, therefore special attention shall be given to their wear condition. Timely maintenance and replacement are necessary. Also when maintaining and replacing the quick-wear parts, installation must be correct and clearance adjustment shall be accurate,
6.No air-leakage is allowed in suction pipeline system. We also need to check the suction inlet to see if there is any blockage. The material that slurry pump deals with usually contains solid particles, therefore the barrier should meet the passing requirement of particles so as to reduce the chance of getting blocked due to oversized particles or macrofibers getting into the pump.
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