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National oil well mud pumps

National oil well mud pumps
If you need National oil well mud pumps,please contact us.
Bimetal liner is used as a kind of mud pump fluid end accessories in the oil drilling industry.
Our bimetal liner, API standard, provides wear-resistant outer sleeve and high chrome corrosion-resistant inner sleeve. The high chrome liner has high rigidity of HRC≥61-64 after heat treatment.
Bi-metal cylinder liner is one of the most widely and largest used mud pump fluid end fittings. The bi-metal cylinder Liner of our company combined with the advantages of abrasion hot-forging out liner and anticorrosion high chrome inner liner. The out liner is made of high quality carbon steel by hot pressing forming. Its tensile strength is over 900000psi. The inner liner is made of high-chromium alloy by centrifugal casting. After heat treatment, its hardness will be more than HRC60. The maximum pressure resistance of bi-metal cylinder liner is more than 7000psi. The normal service life of bi-metal cylinder liner is up to 800 hours according to its smooth surfaces of internal surface and standard dimensional tolerance of inner hole.
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