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Nine "points" diving slurry pump

Nine "points" diving mud slurry pump
The main features of mud diving
1, using a unique single or double blade impeller vane structure , greatly improving the dirt capacity , can effectively slurry pump by 5 times diameter fiber material
With a diameter of about 50% solids slurry pump bore .
2, the mechanical seal with anticorrosive hard as tungsten carbide material , while the improved seal double seal, so long in the oil chamber ,
Enable safe more than 8000 hours of continuous operation .
3, the overall structure is compact , small size , low noise, energy-saving effect is remarkable , easy maintenance, no need to build slurry pumping stations, dive into the water to work , greatly reducing
Project cost.
4 , the slurry pump seal oil chamber with high precision interference leakage detection sensors embedded within the stator windings and thermal components of the slurry pump motor is absolutely
5 , according to user needs can be equipped with automatic safety protection control cabinet , the slurry pump leakage , leakage , overload and overtemperature absolute protection , increased productivity
Product safety and reliability.
6 , the beginning of the float according to the required level changes , the automatic control of slurry pump start and stop , without special care , extremely easy to use .
7 , according to user needs with dual rail automatic coupling installation system, which brings great convenience for installation, maintenance , people may not have to enter the sewage
Pit .
8 , it is possible to use the whole head , and to ensure that the motor is not overloaded .
9 , there are two types of installation , fixed automatic coupling installation system, mobile free installation system .
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