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Paper Pulp Pump For Sale

The paper pulp pump, adopt two-phase flow theory, "the relative suction, the relative obstruction," the principle of hydraulic design of the pump, to make the pump wet parts hydraulic performance in accordance with solid-liquid two-phase flow the objective law, thereby reducing the pulp erosion and wear and tear on the wet parts, greatly improving the efficiency and service life of the pump, the series pump has the following salient features:
Pulp pump
1. High efficiency, energy saving: the operating efficiency is higher than the average pulp pump 3-10 percentage points higher, energy saving, lower consumption of 15-30%
2. Good cavitation performance, long life: the actual service life can be increased 2-3 times than ordinary pulp pump;
3. High concentration, non-blocking: Conveying pulp concentration up to 6%;

4. Reasonable structure, easy maintenance: pump head part before and after the open-door structure, without dismantling the pipeline maintenance, just move the motor backwards, you can disassemble and repair the pump.

This paper pulp pump applies to the industry.

1. The paper industry: for conveying the concentration of less than 6% of the pulp and alkali recovery in the industrial process of recycling medium circulation, promotion and pressure;

2. Sugar industry: used to transport the concentration below 4%, the viscosity of the following 150mm2 / s syrup;

3. Urban sewage industry: for the sewage treatment process medium transport, enhance and pressure.

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Paper Pulp Pump

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