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Paper Pulp Pumps Factory In China

An pump company is a paper pulp pumps factory in China.The Pulp & Paper Industry requires a range of pumps that are used throughout the manufacturing process for transferring paper sludge. An Pump Machinery manufactures reliable pumping solutions to serve the needs of the pulp & paper market.
The paper pulp pumps also suitable for below industry:
1.The paper industry: for conveying the concentration of less than 6% of the pulp and alkali recovery in the industrial process of recycling medium circulation, promotion and pressure;
2. Sugar industry: used to transport the concentration below 4%, the viscosity of the following 150mm2 / s syrup;
3. Urban sewage industry: for the sewage treatment process medium transport, enhance and pressure.

There isalso have self-priming diesel water pump,centrifugal slurry pump for sale,please contact us if you are interested in our products.

Paper Pulp Pumps

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