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Piston Cooling of Dredger Pump

When dredger pump works, due to the high-speed friction of the piston and cylinder liner, generate a lot of heat, resulting in heating in the cylinder liner, so dredger pump piston rubber occurs aging, it affects the life of the piston. In order to improve the life of the piston, dredger pump must be equipped with spray cooling system.
Sprinkler system not only play the role of cooling the cylinder liner, also play the role of lubrication of the piston and cylinder liner, and bring out the sediment in piston rear, play a role of cleaning.
The entire sprinkler system is composed by centrifugal pumps, manifolds and nozzles near the liner. Its core equipment is a centrifugal pump. According to the driving mode, there are two ways used currently: mechanical drive and direct-drive motor.
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