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Professional Centrifugal Slurry Pump Manufacturers

Shijiazhuang An Pump Machinery Co., Ltd. is one professional centrifugal slurry pump manufacturers. We are founded in 1986, mainly engaged in manufacturing water pumps, slurry pumps and the entire mining and mineral pump system, river dredging pump system design, production, purchasing and construction supervision. Our products involved all kinds of centrifugal water pumps, centrifugal slurry pumps; our customers are covering all kinds of mining, chemical and fertilizer, thermal power plants, water treatment etc. , and expand to the United States, Canada, Britain, Brazil, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Kuwait, South Africa of the developed countries and developing countries, we are one-stop pumping system solution includes mining and general industrial sectors from design, procurement, construction supervision to routine maintenance and management services.

 Centrifugal Slurry Pump

In the inception of the company, we put the product quality and after-sales service as the most important thing. Our high-quality products and perfect after successfully obtained, including China Metallurgical Group leaders, including various customer recognition and affirmation. Through a long period of cooperation and exchanges, we get the cooperation agreements with the Zijin Mining Group's successfully for its all mining pump systems design, construction and procurement of daily necessities in batches and gradually handed over to our group headquarters. In the cooperation, we successfully develop the new way of internal bidding, manufacturer of pumps and the supervision company as the organism in whole, which greatly improves our ability of productions in pumps, exercise our technical team, take us get out off from the only manufacturer and after-sales service provider model. Supported by the customers and major domestic design Institute, our teams become to be one can design the whole system for the mining & mineral department and general industry department. Our Solution designed is not only covering pump system but also including all kinds of mine equipment important, pipeline and fittings, flanges, kinds of valves and some daily necessities in batches for the whole mine daily operation and maintenance, repair and management comprehensive in one-stop, which isthe only one in China for industrial sector clients to be one-stop system manufacturers in design, procurement, construction supervision to routine maintenance and management services. 6E domestic first pump (environmental protection, efficiency, economy, energy, durable, easy to maintain), has won the recognition and praise from the leadership of the company Zijin Minging, China Metallurgical Group and domestic and foreign customers. For the company to build a world-class manufacturer of pumps and lay a solid foundation!

Our company has a wide variety of products, such as river sand pump,sea water pump and so on.welcome to choose and buy.

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