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Pump mechanical seal common problems and analysis

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Pump mechanical seal, you should use the double-headed welding way.Usually the mechanical seal is mounted on the coupling, which includes shaft sleeve, gland seal rings, drive ring and a series of components. The advantage is relatively easy to install, also it has the disadvantage that you must replace the entire when broken, it will increase costs. An Pump Machinery next to help you to further analysis.
First,A sealing surface damage causes are:
1, Impurities into the sealing surface, resulting in the sealing surface damaged, it can not form a water film.
2, Cavitation. When pump into the water is not enough or too much water yield,it will appear the pump without water absorption, so as to form bubbles, after impeller pressure bubbles volume turn smaller, bubble arrived at the position of mechanical seal, due to the external pressure is reduced, air bubble explosion, and make the mechanical seal face, or rubber ring damage.
3, The medium temperature is too high or too low, resulting in damage to the mechanical seal.
4, Adjust the amount of string too much, too tight mechanical seal, resulting in mechanical seal can not form a water film, static ring dry grinding, resulting in damage to the mechanical seal.
5, Sealing surface stress non-uniform, if after the ring spring action in uneven force on the surface of the ring, it can not form a water film, so that the mechanical seal is damaged. During installation,if the sealing surface adjustment uneven, it will cause uneven stress.
An Pump Machinery pumps, mechanical seal face damage is mainly due to the first and the second,the third case is rare. And fourth, fifth case rarely occurs, because each pump in An Pump will be tested before delivery.
Second, the rubber ring is damaged main reasons:
1, Medium errors, some rubber parts are oil resistant, some rubber parts are alkali resistant, different medium selected seal should also be different.
2, Cavitation. As already mentioned.
An Pump water pump is in very good quality, the fault does not occur under normal circumstances, but the customer must use it properly.
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