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Reliable Mining pumps supplier

Mining pumps supplier -- Made in China recommend An Pump Machinery include mining submersible pumps, mining submersible high-pressure pumps, mining drainage pumps, mine rescue pumps, mine slurry pump, etc.

ASJ submersible pump by submersible motor and vertical multistage centrifugal pump, submerged in water work. Compared with the traditional centrifugal pump and the deep well pump, the submersible pump has the advantages of convenient use and maintenance, safe and reliable operation, stable performance, small vibration noise and high efficiency, and improves the ventilation and heat dissipation conditions of the pump house. The utility model has the advantages of environmental protection, low running cost, Control, the water level drop and the threat of flooding places more unique advantages, as the work of the motor is full of water, in any case will not produce spark ignition gas, a mine safety equipment in general. For the coal, metallurgy, electricity, urban construction, water and groundwater development and other departments to provide a new type of row, water equipment.

Mining pumps supplier

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