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Repair and maintenance methods of water pump in winter

As the winter temperature decreases, the water pump in many occasions is stopped due to the temperature. At this time, the inspection and maintenance of the pump becomes more important. The following is the maintenance and maintenance method for the winter water pump shared by everyone.
1.After the pump is deactivated, drain the remaining water in the pump and pipeline, and clean the external dirt to prevent the water from freezing and cracking the pump body and the water pipe.
2.For the cast iron parts such as the bottom valve and elbow of the pump, the rust should be brushed with a wire brush. Later apply anti-rust paint and then spray paint. After drying, put it in the machine room or storage room to keep it in a dry and ventilated place.
3.If it is driven by a belt, remove the belt and wash it with warm water. Hang it in a dry place with no direct sunlight. Do not store it in places with oil, corrosives and smoke. Under no circumstances should the belt be stained with oil, diesel or gasoline. And do not apply rosin and other sticky substances.
4.Check the ball bearing. If the inner casing is worn, swayed, the ball is worn or the surface is spotted, it must be replaced. Bearings that do not need to be replaced can be cleaned with gasoline or kerosene, coated with butter, and reassembled.
5.Check the impeller of the pump for cracks or small holes and if the impeller fixing nut is loose. Repair or replace it if damaged. If the impeller wears too much or is damaged, the new impeller should normally be replaced. Partial damage can be repaired by welding or epoxy resin mortar. The repaired impeller should generally be subjected to a static balance test to check the clearance at the impeller anti-wear ring. If it exceeds the specified value, the impeller should be repaired or replaced.
6.For the pump shaft with severe bending or wear, it should be repaired or replaced, otherwise it will cause imbalance of the rotor and wear of related parts.
7.Soak the removed screws in the diesel oil and brush them with a wire brush. Apply oil or butter, re-install them or wrap them in plastic cloth (can also be immersed in diesel oil) to avoid rust or loss.

Six methods to prevent the icing of the pump
The icing of the pump is common. Especially in the north, it is easy to freeze in the winter. For this situation, we have summarized the following measures to maintain the pump.
The following six items are the precautions for the winter water pump. More maintenance is required to prevent the cracking of the water pump and shortening the service life of the pump.
1.Drain the water in the pump and add water when using it. Prevent the water from freezing and cracking the pump.
2.If the pump is frozen, pour the hot water or boiling water into the pump or heat the pump casing.
3.Use the downhole pump. Put the pump into the well. Generally, the downhole pump is deep from the ground and will not freeze.
4.Using insulated water...Add steam or heat to the insulation to keep the pump from freezing.
5.Use a non-self-priming centrifugal pump. When using, add water.
6.Place the pump in a normal temperature environment. The temperature is above zero.
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