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River Sand Pump

Are you looking for goodRiver Sand pump manufacturers?SHI JIA ZHUANG AN PUMP company is a good choice.
River Sand pump machine is most commonly used in pumping system that movesand deposits tolong distance. It is simply classified assand pump, slurry pump and gravel pump. They arewidely used in mining, metallurgy, coal washing, power plants, sewage water treatment, dredging, and chemical and petroleum industries.We are dedicated to develop high efficient river sand pump for your most challenging pumping applications.
AMG / AMGH river sand pump, fixed by the clamp to connect the single shell pump and other flow parts. Over current components are made of nickel hard chrome high wear resistance alloy.
The direction of the pump can be selected in any direction of 360 degrees. This type of pump has the advantage of being easy to install and operate, NPSH good performance and abrasion resistance
Drive type: V-belt drive, flexible coupling drive, gearbox drive, hydraulic coupler drive, variable frequency drive, SCR speed and so on.
The AMG / AMGH gravel pump is designed for continuous handling of slurry pumps with high solids abrasive abrasives. They are suitable for metal smelting, dredging vessels and river dredging, and other areas of mining or explosive sludge transport under the conditions of sludge. GH pump is a high-lift pump type.
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