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River Sand Pump Manufacturers

Centrifugal river sand pump be made up of pump casing, impeller, pump shaft, wear plate, seal, bearing, bearing, coupling, motor, base and other components.

This series of river sand pump is characterized by: (1) open impeller, suitable for conveying high viscosity drilling fluid; (2) combined seal, long service life; (3) all types of centrifugal pump bearing, shaft zero Parts common, spare parts and maintenance convenience, cost savings; (4) The main components are durable high chrome alloy, resin sand precision casting, long life, good looks.

Working principle: The motor drives the shaft of the sand pump to rotate through the coupling. The shaft drives the impeller to rotate. The drilling fluid is sucked into the middle part of the impeller through the suction port. After passing through the flow passage in the impeller, the energy and speed are obtained under the centrifugal force. The shell is continuously fed from the outlet to the working machine.

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river sand pump

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