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Sea Water Pump supplier from China

We (Shijiazhuang AN PUMP Machinery )are professional manufacture and exporter ofSea Water Pump .Our supply sea water pump mainly have QI end suction pump .QS split case pump.QD multistage pump .ASW submersible sewage pump .

Sea water pumps are used to transfer or circulate sea water for various applications on board a marine vessel. The wide range of uses of a seawater service pump includes anything from ballast transfer to bilge pumping and firefighting to high pressure deck washing. Sometimes, particularly on smaller vessels, the same marine water pump will be used for a range of general service requirements. As a result, a general service sea water circulation pump is required to be relatively flexible in terms of its performance capabilities and is commonly acentrifugal pump.

We are a Sea Water Pump supplier from China. If any interest please feel free to contact with us .Sea Water Pump

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