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Sea Water Pump Supplier

The sea water pump is used for offshore platform fire, cooling equipment, desalination, can also be used as groundwater source heat pump in offshore area heating purposes, all sea water to enhance the use of Marina Square fountain landscape, mariculture and other purposes, the device low noise, efficiency High energy saving.

Medium for sea water pump China:

1: All kinds of sea water, alkaline corrosion of water, clean water without impurities, chilled water, cooling water, rainwater, coal, iron Mine, gold Is mine underground gushing water, water, mineral water and so on.
2: Allowable working water temperature range +5 to +25 ℃
3: Solid impurity content (mass ratio) is not more than 0.01%
4: PH value (pH) 7.9-8.6
5: The crew must completely invade the water work.

Materials for sea water pump China:
Impeller: Tin bronze (various grades) Such as: ZCuSn3Zn8Pb6Ni1
Pump housing: tin bronze (can cast a variety of grades) Such as: ZCuSn3Zn8Pb6Ni1
Pump shaft: stainless steel 316L. Filter: 316L. Connecting bolts: 316. Outlet flange: 316
Motor up and down guide bearing: 316. The middle part: 316. Motor shaft: 316
Motor seal: rubber seal O-ring; machine seal.
Motor expansion adjustment capsule rubber material.

An Pump company is a sea water pump supplier in China,we also supply self-priming diesel water pump,diesel water pump irrigation pump,etc..If you need,please contact us.

Sea Water Pump

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