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Sea Water Pump Supplier

AN PUMP is professional sea water pump supplier, We can supply sea water pump competitive price and best quality. seawater manufacturers, please contact us when you need.
QI series end suction pump is a single-stage suction (axial suction) cantilever centrifugal pump, it is used to transport similar viscosity of water and non-solid particles of liquid particles. QI pump marking, performance and size using ISO2858 international standards.
It has a wide range of energy efficient products with a wide range of efficiency, high efficiency and easy maintenance, which is recommended by the state and is 5% more efficient than other similar pumps.
The temperature of the conveying medium of the QI end suction pump is -20 - 105 ° .Through the use of cooling methods, it can be transported with higher temperature media, if necessary, can be used to transport a variety of corrosive media, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, power, paper, food water, pharmaceutical and synthetic fibers.

Size: 50 - 200 mm
Flow: 3.4 - 460 m3/hr
Head: 3.7 - 126.8 m
Speed: 1450 - 2900 rpm

Our products also have agricultural irrigation pump,stainless steel pump,high pressure irrigation water pump and so on.If you need,please contact us.

Sea Water Pump Supplier

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