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Sea water pump manufacturers

The sea water pump is suitable for fire, equipment, heat, desalination in the sea area. It can also be used as a sea area to the source of heat pump air conditioning temperature rise, all the use of sea water, coastal fountain landscape, mariculture and other uses. The sea water pump has the characteristic of low noise, high efficiency and energy saving.

The sea water pump can transfer medium as below:
1: all kinds of seawater, alkaline corrosion of water, no impurities in water, chilled water / cooling water, rain, coal, iron Mine, gold Mineral and other underground gushing water, cited water, mineral water and so on.
2: allowable working water temperature range +5 to + 25 degree
3: solid impurity content (mass ratio) is not more than 0.01%
4: PH value (pH) 7.9-8.6
5: The crew must be completely in the water.

Sea water pump

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