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Self-priming pump starting & maintenance

Self-priming pump

Ⅰ、Before starting

The suction pipes,pressure pipes and auxiliary valves to be supported their own.

1、The installation height of the self-priming pump inlet should notexceed 5 meters and special attention should be paid to the sealing of thesuction pipeline to avoid leakage and affect the pump's self-priming capacityand normal operation.

2、The outlet of the water pump should be equipped with a verticalpipe (usually a 0.4m to 1 m short pipe) and a pressure gauge, then install theoutlet flow control valve (gate valve) and other piping.

3、Before using,should check if the pump steering is correct (the direction of rotation isidentified by the pump arrow), the rotation is flexible.

4、Open theinlet valve, slightly open the outlet valve, unscrew the water plug on upperpart of the pump casing, add water to the pump and eliminate the air in thepump. After the air is exhausted, tighten the water screw plug and use thehand to move the pump, to make the lubricantinto the mechanical seal end face.


When starting, theoutlet flow control valve (outlet gate valve) should be opened to facilitatethe discharge of gas during the self-priming process. After starting, adjustthe opening of the outlet flow control valve so that the pressure gauge readsinto the specified area to avoid the pump working in the lower than thespecified area and prevent the pump erosion due to excessive shaft power or excessive flow. Erosion affectsthe normal operation of the pump, causing strong vibration and noise.

Ⅲ、Daily maintenance

1、Refueling and maintenanceon regular

2、Check the pump temperature risesituation often, check the bearing temperature (Shaft temperature ≤ 75 ℃).Check whether the pump body mechanical seal leakage; Stop the pump when largeleakage or abnormality.

3、During operation, if noiseor other abnormal sounds are found, the pump should be stop for inspection.

If you want to know more about self-priming pump details, please contact us.

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