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Self-priming pumps manufacturers from China

Self-priming pumps and general centrifugal pumps are different.

Self-priming pumps do not need to be filled with water before starting.
China Self-priming diesel water pump pump operation principle: due to the special design of the pump shell. Its sealing performance than the general high-speed centrifugal pump, and the motor outage pump water will not automatically emptying, the motor drive high-speed rotation of the turbine, the rapid formation of negative pressure inside the pump (vacuum). The use of atmospheric pressure to the pump shell, and then centrifugal head. So suction pump suction range will not exceed one atmosphere, 11M or so.
The self priming pumps are widely used in the following application:
1, For urban environmental protection, construction, fire, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, dyes, printing and dyeing, brewing, electricity, electroplating, paper, mining, equipment cooling.
2, Equipped with rocker-type nozzle, but also the water rushed to the air, scattered into small drops of rain to spray, is the farm, nursery, orchard, garden of good equipment.
3, Suitable for water, sea water and with acid and alkalinity of the chemical medium liquid and with a general paste of the slurry (medium viscosity <100 PCT Perot, solid content of up to 30%.

Self-priming pumps

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