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Sewage Treatment large flow of submersible sewage pump major advantages

Submersible sewage pump
can tear and cut long fiber, bags, strips, grass, cloth and other substances, then smooth emissions, particularly suitable for conveying contain hard solids, liquids, fibers, and, in particular dirty, sticky, slippery liquid . It is ideal for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. Here we will list the submersible sewage pump for eight major reasons for selection:
1, Large flow submersible sewage pump compact, small size, easy to move, easy to install, no need to build pumping stations, dive into the water to work, greatly reducing the project cost.
2, The large flow submersible pumps with double absorbent structure under water level are low, due to the use of double suction single volute double channel structure, the motor does not have the axial tension, reduce and balance the forces of light, greatly improving the life of the pump 3 times, improving the efficiency of 15%.
3, Using anti-clogging large flow channel design, greatly improves the dirt capacity, can through effectively short smaller diameter fibrous material and solid particles.
4, Configure external circulating water system pump can work continuously for a long time at low water situations. Configure mixed large flow impeller submersible pumps, with automatic stir function, can stir the water inside the tank, discharge the mixed the sewage with the pump.
5, The large flow submersible sewage pump float switch can change depending on the desired level, automatic control pump to start and stop, no special care.
6, The large flow of submersible sewage pump according to user needs can be equipped automatic security control cabinet, for large flow submersible pump leak, leakage, overload and overtemperature monitoring to ensure reliable and safe operation of the pump.
7, Double rail automatic coupling security systems has brought great convenience for large flow submersible pump installation, maintenance. Peple not need to go to the sump.
8, The oil chamber has a leak probe, when the water pump mechanical seal damage, water into the oil chamber, the probe sends a signal to the pump to implement protection.
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