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Slurry Pump Safety Information

The following safety information relating to An Pump Machinery slurry pump operation and maintenance should be carefully and seriously observed, and correct procedures followed, to avoid possible injuries to personnel, and possible damage to the equipment. All statutory requirements relating to this equipment must be complied with at all times.
Do not apply heat to the impeller hub or inlet eye to assist impeller removal. Application of heat may cause shattering of the impeller, leading to injury or equipment damage.
Do not operate the pump for an extended time with no or very low flowrate. Failure to notice this warning could result in overheating of the pump, and vaporisation of the pumped fluid, with generation of very high pressure. Such an action may cause serious injury serious injury to personnel, or damage to the equipment.
Check drive motor rotation prior to fitting of drive belts or couplings. Incorrect motor rotation may cause personnel injury or equipment damage.
Do not feed very hot or very cold fluid into a pump at ambient temperature. Thermal shock may cause fracture of pump wet-end parts.
An Pump Machinery company pump must be regarded as both an item of rotating equipment, and pressure machinery. All relevant safety precautions and procedures for such equipment should be observed during pump installation, operation and maintenance.
Whatever auxiliary equipment is associated with a pump (motors, drive belts, drive couplings, speed reducers, variable speed drives, etc), all relevant instruction manuals should be consulted, and recommended procedures implemented, during installation, operation and maintenance of the pump system.
Do not work on the pump set until the electricity supply has been disconnected completely as the pump is a rotary object. It may cause accidents for personnel otherwise!
When the pump is in operation, hands should not get into or remove the protective shield of the slurry pump. It may cause accidents for personnel otherwise!
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