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Something You Should Know To Be Wholesale Centrifugal Slurry Pump

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Pumps that normally contain suspended solids in the transfer fluid (water) are typically referred to as slurry pump. Currently it is one of the indispensable equipment in the process of dressing and coal preparation plant. Slurry pump according to different principles can be divided into single or multi-stage, cantilever, horizontal or vertical and pump shell horizontal open or vertical combination of other types, the basic structure of the impeller , Pump housing, pump shaft, bearings and brackets, power also includes motor, coupling on the wheel or tape pulley, wear parts also include liner bushings, seals, including shaft seals, Vice impeller, etc. Pieces, including stents, etc., but the internal principle is the same, when the impeller is rapidly rotating, the blade to promote rapid rotation of the media, the rotating medium in the role of centrifugal force from the impeller, the pump is thrown out of the media, the impeller The central part forms a vacuum area and the medium is forced through the pipe network into the feed pipe under atmospheric pressure (or water pressure). This endless cycle, we can achieve continuous feeding, so as to achieve the process design requirements head and flow. Of course, the current method of feeding more use of press-in, that is, the material level higher than the feed pipe, you can subtract from the water pipe or pump casing to the internal water filled steps.

centrifugal slurry pump

The centrifugal slurry pump can be widely used in mining, electric power, metallurgy, coal, environmental protection and other industries containing abrasive slurry containing solid particles. Such as metallurgical ore dressing plant, coal-fired power plant coal ash and heavy medium transport, dredging the river, river dredging and so on. In the chemical industry, can also contain some corrosive slurry containing crystalline. First of all, about 80% of the applications in the concentrator are used in the ore concentrator industry. Due to the harsh primary operating conditions of ore, so in this section, the life of the slurry pump is generally low. Of course, different ore, abrasive is not the same. As in the concentrate transport and other sections of the relative reduction of erosion, the overall pump life also longer. Therefore, the average user in the procurement process often ask questions about the service life of the supplier's products, strictly speaking, any one manufacturer will not be unfounded for the user promised an accurate life cycle, because the life of the flow of components (Wear-resistant corrosion-resistant parts) life depends on many different factors, the diversity and complexity of working conditions lead to the same quality of life of the material is different. However, in the pre-selection stage can make the strength of the manufacturer for its reasonable working condition selection design. At present, the main power plants in our country are thermal power generation and hydroelectric power generation. In the thermal power plant, because of the large amount of coal-fired power generation, the slag or ash residue after coal-burning needs to be removed, the slurry pump is used for removing ash and the slag is mixed After a certain amount of water is delivered by the slurry pump to where it is stored, sometimes the slurry pump becomes an ash pump in the power plant. Thirdly, in the coal washing industry, due to different working conditions, larger coal blocks and gangue are easily blocked, and the design requirements of the slurry pump are very high. In 2005, a coal washing plant affiliated to Huaibei Mining Bureau adopted a specially designed slurry pump to replace the original imported from Australia. Up to now, it has been operating normally with large coal briquette without clogging of coal gangue and wearing life longer than that of imported foreign pumps.

In the field of seawater sand selection, slurry pump applications have also begun to gradually be recognized by customers. However, in the sea of sand, sand dredging, slurry pump is more likely to be called sand pump, dredging pump. Although called different, but from the structural characteristics and pump performance principle speaking, can be called the slurry pump. Therefore, we often called sand pumps in this seawater sand election, dredging in the river inside the customary called dredging pump. The use of slurry pump though widely, but the correct application is very important. Slurry pump due to its own limitations of the name makes some people in the industry misunderstood, in fact, mud pump, impurity pump, dredging pump, etc. are in the slurry pump applications. In the slurry pump application process, we must pay attention to reasonable design, the correct calculation, the appropriate selection, which is very important.

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