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Split Case Pump Feature

QS pump is a single-stage double suction in the open centrifugal pump, used to transport pure water and physical and chemicalproperties similar to water liquid, its maximum temperature must not exceed 125℃,
(1) Have QS and QSH two types.

Viewed from motor, the direction of the QSH pump isanti-clockwise, that is the suction in the left, the discharge in the right.The rotating direction of the type QS pump is clockwise, that is the suction inthe right, the discharge in the left. Also can move the driver to another edgeaccording to the user’s requires. Then, the rotating direction, the suction anddischarge direction is in the opposite as the described above.

(2)Supply full set split-casing centrifugal pump, motor,coupling, the inlet diameter less than 200mm match the common base.

(3)The pump is axial split casing construction.

(4)Large capacity

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