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Stainless steel pump maintenance

An Pump Machinery have kinds of stainless steel pump for sale.
1. Stainless steel pump fastening end face bolts, stainless steel pump force to symmetry evenly; In case of jam, stainless steel pump should be loose bolts re-tight.

2. Pump drive shaft can not withstand any radial vertical force, belts, chains, gears and other lateral drive prohibited.

3. Strong base plate drive shaft and the motor shaft connection with a flexible coupling or chain coupling.

4. Gear oil should be enough, do not take a long time, a soft bottom of the pump, causing the motor and the pump is not aligned, and damage the pump.

5. Make sure the pump is allowed to rotate at the highest speed and the highest speed at the site.

6.Be sure to let the fluid into the entrance, try not to run dry and idle.

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