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Submersible High Pressure Sewage Pump

ASW is special design, vertical shaft, submersible high pressure sewage pump.The Feature of ASW submersible sewage pump in structure:
Original Imported SKF ,NSK bearing, LYC China famous bearing reasonable configuration, can extend the duration of the pump.
The built-in cooling system can have the pump normally work whether the motor is on or under the liquid surface. A part of the liquid is extracted to bring out the beat produced by the motor from the pump circulation to the cooling barrel and to the pump casing and, when external cooling is required, the cooling sleeve may be separated from the pump casing and individually connected to the cooling system.
Submersible High Pressure Sewage Pump

F class insulation, max. working temperatures 155 ℃ and of a protective grade IP68 with the effective seal.
Mechanical seal
Adopt the China famous brand Mechanical seal, two ways of the seal are in series with each other and individually work to separate the motor from the pump seal to provide the motor with a dual protection.
The sealing material on the pump side is tungsten carbide/tungsten carbide while on the motor side, graphite/silicon carbide.
Oil chamber:
Oil can lubricate and cool the mechanical seal and realize the attached function of safety by preventing liquid from penetrating into the motor. The air of a certain amount left in the chamber can lower the pressure accumulatively raised.
With the optimized design, the impeller will not be blocked up when to transport liquid with its optimum flow and rate and the maximum efficiency. There are suitable impellers at choice for every point of working condition.
There are single-channel, dual-channel and three-channel impellers available at choice per the medium to be extracted.
Pump casing:
Use the know-how of CAD/CAM to make it of max. efficiency and min wearability.

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