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Submersible Pump Advantages

While a basement can be a beneficial feature in a home, providing lots of extra space for storage, projects and other activities, it can also be a flood hazard. Fortunately, manufacturers produce sump pumps, which are specifically designed for pumping water out of basements. These pumps are available in to major types: cantilever (or pedestal) and submersible. While both pumps utilize pits, or sumps, in order to collect water, the submersible variety offers several advantages.

Submersible Pump

Out of Sight
The primary difference between a cantilever and a submersible pump is that the former keeps the majority of its mechanical parts---such as seals, suction check valves, bearings and bushings---outside of a basement's sump pit, while the latter has the majority of its components submerged within the pit. According to the sump pump resource website Sump Pump Help, in most instances a submersible sump pump stays entirely out of sight, which means it will not be an eyesore in your basement. This is especially important if you use your basement for entertaining guests or as a living space.
According to the home improvement resource website Home Tips, submersible pumps are much safer options compared with their cantilever counterparts, especially children are around. Because submersible pumps have all of their potentially dangerous components down in the pit---which you can cover with a sturdy board---there is no risk of children tampering with valves and other mechanisms and accidentally hurting themselves.
Noise Level
In addition to being less obtrusive than cantilever pumps, submersible sump pumps are also much quieter during their operation. This is because the walls of the sump pit muffle the sounds of a submersible pump's motor. With a cantilever pump, the motor is outside of the pit, and its resulting noise can travel unhindered.
According to Sump Pump Help, submersible pumps are typically more efficient than cantilever pumps. A cantilever pump will only activate once the water in the sump pit reaches a critical level, at which point a substantial amount of water already will have accumulated. Conversely, a submersible pump---due to its location inside of the pit---can detect water much more rapidly and will start pumping it out sooner.
Advantages of Centrifugal Submersible Pumps
If you have a working water well on your property, a submersible pump provides several advantages. A submersible centrifugal pump uses a sealed, submerged electric motor to power a series of impellers, which drive the water upward. As the Government of Alberta notes, the pumps are incredibly low-maintenance, efficient, and are economical for wells with depths of 80 feet or greater.
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