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Submersible Waste Water Pump

Are you looking for high quality submersible waste water pump?An Pump is a submersible waste water manufacturer in China.

(1)When the humidity sensor or the temperature sensor issues an alarm, or when the pump body is operating abnormally when the vibration or noise occurs; or when the output water pressure drops and the power consumption rises significantly, the submersible sewage pump should be stopped for maintenance immediately.
(2)When some submersible pumps with poor sealing are immersed in water for a long period of time, even if they are not used, the insulation value will gradually decrease and eventually they will not be able to be used, even in a shorter time than the operating time of the continuously operating submersible sewage pump in the water. Internal insulation disappeared. Therefore, the submersible pump is not available for backup in the suction tank. If the conditions permit, it can be dry standby outside the tank. When a submersible pump in operation breaks down, it is immediately stopped and lifted, then the standby pump is put down again. go with.
(3)The submersible pump must not be opened or stopped too often, otherwise it will affect the life of the submersible pump. When the submersible pump is stopped, the water in the pipeline will generate a backflow, and immediately restarting at this time will cause the load on the electric pump to be overloaded and bear an unnecessary impact load; in addition, the submersible pump will be damaged if it is opened and stopped too frequently. Poorly capable parts and damage to the entire electric pump.
(4)After shutdown, it cannot be restarted until the motor is completely stopped.
(5)The power must be turned off when checking the electric pump.
(6)When the submersible pump is in operation, do not wash objects, swim or put livestock in the vicinity so as to avoid electric shock accidents when the electric pump is leaking electricity.

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