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Submersible sand pump

BQS series mining flameproof submersible sand pump impeller according to the design of principle of the two phase flow can smoke exhaust containing solid particles without affecting the efficiency of wastewater, compared with the ordinary fresh water pump (pumping sewage) to extend the service life 5 ~ 8 times. Compared with similar products are characterized by their smooth starting, low noise, safe and reliable, long life and other characteristics, especially in the process of drainage, if water cut off, the pump may continue to run, on its own peculiar air cooling motor structure. As a result, the pump anhydrous idling neither burning motor, and does not damage the water pump, water can continue after automatic drainage.
This pump is suitable for the methane explosion dangerous environment, drainage sewage containing solid particles, coal mine shaft bottom hole, construction drainage, inclined mine water storehouse main drainage, drainage, main shaft tunnelling face bottom hole from coal automatic drainage, old man, no man's land water automatic drainage, drainage, cleaning water storehouse silt sediment drainage, disaster relief and emergency drainage.
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