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Submersible sewage pump Application notice

If you need Submersible sewage pump ,you can contact us.we can offer to you.

Submersible sewage pump, although compact, small size, easy to move, easy to install, no need to build pumping stations, dive into the water to work, greatly reducing the project cost. However, routine maintenance and precautions are still needed. An Pump Machinery give customers some commonly encountered problems on the following list, please pay more attention.
1. Never use the cable as a sling use.
2. When move submersible sewage pump, it must cut off the power. When the pump in operation it shall not contact with water, to prevent the occurrence of leakage accidents.
3.It is strictly prohibited to motor operation, such as blown fuse, check the reason then continue to use, it shall be no boldfuse.
4. Before Running you should check of the motor stator winding insulation resistance by megger firstly, the lowest shall not be less than 1 megohm.
5. Submersible sewage pump is submerged, vertical lifting not allow cross-lying land and not fall into the sludge. When stop use,it should be lifted clean, lay on dry place, and pay attention to antifreeze.
6. Check the rotor running direction, looking down from a clockwise direction should be.
7. When the voltage exceeds 10% of rated voltage, it can not allow to start pumps.
8. Submersible sewage pump working 6 months under specified medium conditions, you should check the normal operation of the oil chamber seal, such as an oil chamber of oil is emulsified.
9. Check the cable for damage, broken and so on. If broken,the need for timely replacement of damaged, avoid leakage, cable section and current match.
10. In order to ensure the safe use,Ground wire of the four core cable must be reliable grounding, prevent electric shock accidents.
11. When the submersible sewage pump is running, there should be special management, if there is an abnormal phenomenon it should immediately stop inspection, troubleshooting. (Referring to the case is not equipped with automatic protection cabinets).

Please note the above points,if any questions, please contact us An Pump Machinery.
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