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Submersible sewage pump features

The submersible sewage pump is a submersible sewage pump that can tear, cut and then discharge long fibers, bags, belts, grasses and strips of sewage, and then discharge them smoothly. It is especially suitable for conveying liquids containing hard solids and fibers, and especially Dirty, sticky, slippery liquid. Compared with the general horizontal pump or vertical sewage pump, submersible sewage pump obviously has the following advantages:

1. Compact structure, small footprint. Submersible sewage pump submersible work, so can be installed directly in the sewage tank, without the need to build a dedicated pump room for the installation of pumps and machines, you can save a lot of land and infrastructure costs.

submersible sewage pump
2. Installation and maintenance easy. Small sewage pump can be freely installed, large sewage pumps are generally equipped with automatic coupling device can be automatically installed, installation and maintenance quite convenient.
3. Continuous operation for a long time. Sewage pump due to pump and motor coaxial, short shafts, rotating parts light weight, so the bearing load (radial) is relatively small, life expectancy much longer than the average pump.
4.There is no cavitation damage and irrigation water and other issues. Especially after the point to the operator has brought great convenience.

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