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Submersible sewage pump impeller structural features

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With the development of science and technology, pumping solid materials growing application areas, such as sewage dirt, mud pulp, ash, grain starch, sugar beet fruit, fish and shrimp shells, and so on. Pump for delivery of such substances has two main requirements: First, no plug, the second is resistant to wear. Wear-resistant materials primarily related to non-clogging impeller depends mainly on structural forms.
Currently as a non-clogging sewage pump impeller main structure are: 1 single (double) flow impeller; 2 swirl impeller; 3 open or semi-open impeller; 4 screw centrifugal impeller.These types of non-clogging impeller have their own characteristics and suitable for different occasion, as compared as follows:
Submersible sewage pump
Submersible sewage pump
Single flow impeller - for good lossless transport of materials, non-clogging and good performance, suitable for transporting large particles long fiber material, and good wear resistance, but to balance the requirements of high, running balance is poor.
Double channel impeller - Capacity slightly worse than a single runner, but as symmetrical runner, it has a good balance of performance, smooth operation and suitable for high head, high flow pump.
Swirl impeller - Good non-clogging performance, wear resistance, suitable for handling large particulate matter, but lossless, poor delivery of materials damaging effects of large, it can transport liquid containing gas but not suitable for transporting liquid containing long fiber material.
Open or semi-open impeller - such as wear gap increases, pump performance degradation, poor performance and non-blocking, it can not transport large particles and long fiber material.
Screw centrifugal impeller - without clogging good, suitable for liquids containing particles and fibrous matter, small-destructive and non-destructive that is good no-wear, but require a higher balance.
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