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Submersible sewage pump tripping reasons

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a. Bought inferior submersible sewage pump, the factory has no formal test.It is an unqualified products, also can lead the pump tripping.So when purchasing a submersible sewage pump,please choose a good manufacturer, like An Pump Machinery,it is a good quality product.
b. When buying submersible sewage pump the model is not selected correctly, the actual use of head is low, selection of the pump head is too high.It has been used in low-lift, it also causes the submersible sewage pump tripping.
c.Submersible sewage pump mechanical failures, water pump bearing damaged, friction between stator and rotor chamber "sweep" or inside the pump body is sundry jam impeller jammed. Mechanical malfunction can cause such as diving sewage pump is always overload trip.
d. Field use of supply voltage instability, submersible sewage pump especially used on the farm of the outskirts , the farm voltage in many places are short of the standard voltage, current of water pump motor stator winding of increased considerably, leading to the stator winding temperature rise more motor burn out.
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