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Suction hopper dredging pump

Suction hopper dredging pump
if you intrested in Suction hopper dredging pump,you can contact us.
Sewage pump is mainly used in the processing of industrial wastewater and domestic sewage, played a large role in environmental protection. With cutting wheel of sewage pump is a sewage pump, sewage pump can cut up dirt, and then clean the sewage pumping.
Slurry pump impeller cutting, used for pumping slurry. Mud pump is the main performance parameters of two displacement and stress, displacement per minute from several litres of computing, it and the hole diameter and the required rinses the return rate on the bottom of the hole, namely, the larger the aperture, the greater the displacement. Requirements of flushing fluid return rate to bit cutting down on cuttings, rock powder promptly rushed from the bottom of the hole, and carried to the surface in a reliable way. Through the drilling and extracting, bottom underground mud can be obtained.
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