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The Multistage pump

we product the multistage pump,if you want to know the multistage pump,you can contact us.
Multistage pumps
use multiple impellers and volutes in series to achieve high pressure. The fluid of the multistage pumps pumped is discharged from an impeller and volute (called a stage) and immediately enters the next impeller and volute.
The amount of the pressure developed by the multistage pump depends on the diameter of the impellers, the number of stages used, and the speed that the impellers are turning. In the multistage pump, the diameter of the impellers is usually not trimmed to achieve the required operating conditions.
Multistage pump
Additionally, because there are multiple impellers used to impart the energy required into the liquid pumped, each impeller/volute combination can be smaller in diameter and operate with a smaller gap between impeller and volute for the multistage pumps. Because of this tight clearance between impeller and volute, the multistage pump is not recommended for applications pumping liquids containing solids, abrasives, or stringy material. The result of this tight tolerance between impeller and volute is that each impeller operates close to its best hydraulic efficiency. What is varied to meet different operating conditions is the number of impellers used in the multistage pumps.
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