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The cause and management methods of centrifugal clean water pump motor burning

It is well known: the pump at work is conditional, such as clean water pump can transport water not contain impurities.Centrifugal clean water pump can not pumped after it installed easily.Eliminate the cause of the inferior machine.But water pump, the working point (not work) is not on the normal work of the performance curve segment.Overload operation of the pump, motor burn down naturally.
The reason of motor burn is that current is too large, the pump outlet valve can be close to a suitable location when the pump run and measure the motor current not exceed.
Operation mode: The motor of centrifugal clean water pump is always burning.We should install a 20A air switch, setting current 15A, so that it can protect your machine avoid burn when overload.Install a valve in the pump outlet.Turn down the valve, and then start the pump.Then gradually open the valve.While opening the valve with a clip-on table measuring current.With the valve open big, current also increases gradually.To ensure that the current is not more than 15A.
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