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The high lift slurry pump problems and solutions

1.issue: lift less than. High lift slurry pump because the pump cavitation may be inadequate or insufficient, the motor speed impeller wear caused serious.solution: such as the lower pump installation position, or increase the height of the liquid at the inlet of the pump, and timely replacement of severe wear of the impeller, motor selection.
2.issue: bearing overheating. High lift bearing in slurry pump if it exceeds the transmission capacity of the pump will affect the normal temperature range, a common cause of overheating of bearing are: deterioration of lubricant, the bearing box is lack of oil, pump shaft is not concentric with the motor shaft, and the pump shaft deformation.common solutions such as: timely replacement add oil and lubricating oil, check the rolling bearing run out, generally not more than 0.05MM.
3. issues: the operation of the motor overload. There are many, the cause of high lift slurry pump motor running overload include: large flow pump, pump running shaft deformation, mutual friction between rotating parts. common solutions such as: timely check the correction of pump shaft, the proper use of control operation parameters, discharge the mutual friction problem between the pump body.
4. problem: no water slurry pump. Water slurry pump is due to the high lift impeller flow channel blockage, lift device beyond the scope of design and running direction lift impeller error causes.Solution: general as long as the time to clean up the debris blocked impeller, correct the motor power wire connection or select the appropriate pump can not solve the problem of water pump and effective.
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