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The influence of centrifugal pump revolution change on power

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Conditions, usually under the rated RPM experiment is due to the need of pump power is too big and cannot be achieved, in this case, it should be noted: if the revolutions of the pump can be changed, the revolution under the change of the performance of the pump can be according to the known at a particular the working condition of rated revolution to determine.
Fluid flow in a centrifugal pump is determined by the size and direction of the speed.Let's take a look: when revolution left the rated RPM and sometimes change, when the situation of the flow can be seen as similar.After the revolutions of the pump impeller rotational speed of u2 and u1 and the change of the revolution is that join at the same time in the same proportion change of centrifugal pump flow rate Q, is because the area of the flow is constant, the absolute velocity and relative velocity w c and the change of the revolution is also.
Velocity triangle similar to that: first, the energy loss in the pump as and is proportional to the square of the circumferential velocity, second, the impeller can supply liquid than H can also be as and circumferential velocity was positively than square.At the same time, the hydraulic efficiency and volume efficiency values can also be regarded as a constant.Can therefore be concluded that when the revolution of centrifugal pump changes, its working characteristics are also changing, and can use the method of conversion of, at this time, the change of flow and own a direct ratio;The change of the pressure head and is proportional to the square of the revolution;The change of the power, and is proportional to the third power of approximate.Water conservancy efficiency and volumetric efficiency is a constant at this moment, the total efficiency is with the change of the packing and bearing internal friction occurs very small change.
The above experiments are well established, the total efficiency of the pump with the reduce of revolution was slightly lower line.
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