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The reason and processing method submersible sewage pump

The reason and processing method of the ammeter 's indicating swing in the operation of submersible sewage pump:

(1) the moving water level down to the water level below, resulting in water pump gap caused by the main reason is the submersible pump flow is too large or the depth of the well is not enough, the treatment is as follows.

① Turn down submersible pump dischargevalve, reducing the flow of the pump, so that the water level drops, the submersible pump inlet is always located under the water.

②Increase the submersible pump descenddepth to the moving water level decline, the submersible pump inlet is always located under the water.

(2) No clogging sewage submersible pump rotor damage caused by the motor can not work, speed down, pump flow, head down, ammeter pointer swing. The method is to replace the rotor.

submersible sewage pump

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