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The reason of high temperature boiler feed pumps cavitation

High temperature boiler feed pumps have relatively high requirements for the pumping structure, pressure resistance, stability. A good flow runner and impeller design is to minimize the boiler pump cavitation damage, which is another new exam propose to pump industry. High temperature boiler feed pump cavitation or cavitation process is the flow of liquid to create bubbles and subsequent rupture process.
When the absolute velocity of the fluid is increased, due to the static pressure of the fluid drops, for certain particle at a certain temperature of the fluid is, although no heat from the external input, but they have reached the vapor pressure, making the particle vaporization, and the bubble generation . Along the flow path, if the static pressure of the fluid will be increased again, greater than the vapor pressure, the bubble will quickly rupture, resulting in a huge explosion introverted nature of condensation shock. If the bubble burst, not in the flow of the liquid, but in the wall of the guide assembly, the cavitation will lead to the wall material is subjected to erosion. When the high temperature boiler feed pumps operating in cavitation condition, even if the wall material erosion does not occur, will find at this high temperature boiler feed pump is increased noise, vibration intensified, reduced efficiency, and reduce head.
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