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The situation that centrifugal pump is not on the water

In the daily use, the pump is inevitable that the situation is not on the water, for these problems, introduce the following common situation.
1, there is no water filled or the import of the pipeline is not pumping the net;
Solution: continue to irrigate or pump the air inside the import pipeline.
2, the actual working conditions required for the head is too high, centrifugal pump head down to less than the requirements
Workaround: Replace the pump with a higher lift.
3, suction pipe or sealing device leakage serious;
Solution: block or repair the leak, press or replace the seal.
4, on-site installation of the pipeline centrifugal pump import and export direction installed or the motor wiring is not correct the direction of rotation of the pump is not right;
Solution: exchange the direction of the import and export of motor wiring is not replaced any two wires change the direction of rotation.
5, the pump speed is too low;
Solution: Increase the pump speed.
6, the end of the valve rust death, the inlet or impeller channel is blocked;

Solution: repair the end of the valve, remove debris, the entrance with trash rack.


7, the import pipeline is too long suction range too;
Solution: reduce the pump installation height, or reduce the water pipe on the elbow valve, shorten the length of the pipe.
8, impeller serious damage, leakage ring gap grinding large;
Solution: Replace the impeller and the drain ring.
9, impeller nut and key off;
Solution: Repair fastening.
10, suction pipe installation is not correct, resulting in the pipeline there are airbags;
Solution: Refine the suction pipe.
11, impeller installed;
Solution: reload the impeller.
12, inhalation nozzle submerged depth is insufficient, the pump inhaled air;
Solution: increase the depth of submergence, or in the water around the water cover a piece of wood.
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