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Tips for identifying genuine and fake bearings

The bearing is an important component inmechanical equipment. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotatingbody, reduce the friction coefficient during its movement, and ensure itsturning accuracy.

In the production and processing, once counterfeitand inferior bearings are used, the consequences will not only lead to machinemaintenance and downtime, but also cause losses to the company.

The importance of bearings in contemporarymachinery and equipment is self-evident, but the annual maintenance costs anddowntime costs of machine damage due to bearings are at least nearly onemillion, with greater indirect losses. A big reason is that the bearings boughtback are counterfeit. I believe that too many people have encountered suchincidents. When we install and maintain the bearings, the first thing is not tobuy fake bearings.

First, there are 8 kinds of fraud methodsin bearings:

1. Manufacture bearings from iron andcarbon steel (with insufficient hardness) and repair scrap bearings (withinsufficient accuracy);

2. Put inferior bearings and small factorybearings on the big company's trademarks, counterfeiting famous brands Internaland external packaging and certification of factory products;

3, Fake users, distributors, agents, andeven fake spot manufacturers of famous manufacturers;

4, Fake products bearing genuine bearings;

5, Fake ordinary bearings in higheraccuracy grade;

6, Fake goods into good goods;

7, Fake goods sold genuine prices, genuineselling high prices, use fake prices;

8, Cheaper to give fakes, good quality togenuine.

Second, the characteristics of counterfeitbearings:

1. The appearance is basically the same asthe genuine product, but its bearing capacity and limiting speed are notconsistent with the purpose;

2. In order to reduce manufacturing costs,there is no requirement for accuracy;

3. To reduce prices, use quality Inferiorbearing steel materials;

4. The packaging and transportation methodsare not standardized, which adversely affects the accuracy of bearing products.

Third, the impact of counterfeit bearings:

1, Short life. Bearings will be damaged inadvance in use, directly increasing the corporate budget and causing economiclosses;

2. Dangerous accidents easily caused bycounterfeit bearings. The fake bearing has high damage, which makes the machinesuddenly rotate abnormally, stop suddenly, or generate heat and fire;

3. Disturb the relationship between thepurchase and distribution of the bearing market. In front of the interests, itdestroys the integrity of each other, causing the bearing manufacturers to havedifficulty speaking and distrusting the users.

4. Bearing brands on the market:

1. Well-known foreign bearing brands:Sweden SKF, Japan NSK, American TIMKEN;

2. Well-known domestic bearing brands:Luoyang Bearing, Wafangdian Bearing, Harbin Bearing;

There is no absolute difference betweengood and bad bearings. It mainly depends on how you use it and where it isused.

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