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The AWN slurry pump for dredger is single stage single suction, horizontal, cantilevered centrifugal pump. Our company designs and researches this new type dredging pump by making full use of advanced CAD software, aiming to dredge river, lake and sea which is in great need to dredge in China. The use of this pump has remarkable comprehensive economic benefits and can meet dredging ship's requirements completely. The frame plate and the cover plate are made of high chrome anti-abrasive white cast iron. Wet parts like Impeller, volute liner, front liner and black liner is made of strong wear-resistant alloy cast iron or wear-resisting alloy steel. The wet parts material could be changed according to user's requirement.
The AWN Dredger Pump mainly used for trailing suction hopper dredger and cutter suction dredger, also could be used for river sand excavation, and dredger for mining.
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Dredge Pump Manufacturer
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