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Vertical slurry pump installation and use instructions

Vertical slurry pump installation and use instructions

First, check before operation

1. Check if all the bolts of the slurrypump are tight. In particular, the author bolts must be fastened and reliable.

2. The pipeline, gate valve and the pumpmust be supported separately, and the flange bolts should be tightened to avoidleakage.

3. Check whether the rotation direction ofthe motor is consistent with the direction of the pump arrow. When testing, themotor should be separated from the pump when it rotates.

4. Use the direct-connected drive shouldcheck whether the elastic pad in the coupling is complete and correct; use thebelt drive should check whether the belt is worn, insufficient, and tight.

5. Check if the motor shaft and the pumpshaft are concentric; if the pulley is aligned

6, When hand-cranked the pump shaft, pumpand motor should not be tight and friction

7. Check if the lubricating system greaseor oil is filled.

8. Unfold the pump inlet valve and closethe pump outlet valve.

9, Check whether the valve is flexible andreliable

Second, the pump start-up and monitoring

1. Before the slurry pump is operated, thepool should be filled with clean water, open the pump inlet valve, and the pumpoutlet valve.

2, According to the pump flow add theslurry into the pool

3. The size and speed of the pump outletvalve opening should be mastered by the pump not vibrating and the motor notexceeding the rated current until the water level can be stabilized at 0.5-1meters above the inlet pipe.

4, Pay attention to check the bearingoperation, not into the mine operation, such as bearing into the mine must stopimmediately for cleaning and oil change

5, The bearing temperature must not exceed75 ° C

6. If the bearing starts to run, thebearing can be stopped and the bearing is cooled to run again. If it still hasserious heat, it must be stopped.

7. Adjust the ore supply or the outletvalve of the water or pump in time. In any case, the pump is forcibly pumped tocause vibration of the pump.

8. It is forbidden to enter any pumpmaterial into the pump to prevent blockage or damage to the pump lining.

9. Refuel in time according to the oillevel of the pump

10. Check the lubricating oil level of eachpart, whether the oil temperature is normal, the lubricating oil should beclear, and the oil temperature should not exceed 50 degrees.

11. Pay attention to observe whether theworking current of the motor is normal and whether the motor has abnormalnoise.

Third, stop the pump

1. After the previous process is completed,continue to maintain the pump for 5-20 minutes to deliver clean water and thenstop the pump.

Fourth, the routine maintenance of the centrifugal slurry pump

1. The suction pipe system of the slurrypump is not allowed to leak. The inlet barrier of the pump should meet theparticle size requirements of the pump, so as to prevent large particles orfiber materials from entering the pump, causing blockage.

2. Check and replace the wearing parts intime, the assembly should be correct, the gap should be adjusted according tothe regulations, and there should be no tight friction.

3. When replacing the bearing, it must beensured that the bearing assembly is free of dust and the lubricating oil orgrease is clean. When the pump is running, the bearing temperature generallydoes not exceed 60-65 ° C, and the maximum does not exceed 75 ° C.

4. Ensure the coaxiality between the motorand the pump, ensure that the elastic pad in the coupling is complete andcorrect, and replace it in time after damage.

5,To ensure that the pump components and piping system are installed correctly,firm and reliable
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